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I was here the last year, I suffered.... a LOT!

But I did that! I did finish my first Ultra event! I never walked that long before! I was never 25hrs on my feet! I never trained for such distances and with just 36k as my max distance I wanted to accomplish such a great effort like running the 110km course of "100 Miles of Istria" 2015!


This year it's a completely different story!


As I managed somehow to finish the 110km race last year my appetite grow. I knew that despite the fact that I begun running in september 2013 "I had something"!
I LOVE running and most of all... I love the trails, the nature, the landscapes, running in the dark, light, rain, mud.... whatever, it doesn'n matter actually. I feel good while running. I relax mentally and it makes me a better person. I'm good with that I guess! :)


"I have something".... I stated, but.... I mean, I'm not good at it, but still I like the feeling and I like the runners and the whole community ingaged in these events! It's just great!


So I figured approx. one week after the 110km race - "You have to see the entire couse"!
And here I am!
I really would like to see the entire race couse of the 100 mile race! I would really appreciate if my body could support me well through this race in this region where I'm born! I really love Istria and everything that you see from the summit of the Ucka mountain - that's what I call "Home" - not the lines that humans drew on a map, but the nature, the people, the food and the air..... You cannot measure that - You can feel that! And one way is by running through all that... You just need to "open your heart" and enjoy!
I'm going to do that - I'm going to try that at least, because I know that it's not going to be easy or pretty..... sometimes terrible.... but Ultra Trail Running is something that combines a lot, and I like that! :)


Since the last year I managed to increase my weekly mileage, race some nice Ultra races and include several long distances in order to prepare my body to the effort. My legs and body are stronger and I feel better when running longer..... It's not just pain anymore! Great! :)


I guess I'm ready for this, we'll see. Feel free to support me in my running adventures and if you want check the above provided links to see how I'm doing here in Istria running these 170/172km.... Thanx! :)


I hope at least to inspire some of you..... See you! :)



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